Best Clumping Cat Litter – Choose the Right One

Picking the best clumping cat litter can be a daunting task! Over the years, the most mundane decisions have become meaningful. Who would have thought that one day would come when we would have so many choices in the cat litter we choose to use? Well, that day is here and it is here because there are now so many products in the market that you would have a hard time picking one out.

First off, let’s examine why clumping cat litter is the best option for your cats. Afterwards, we will check out how you can choose the right clumping cat litter. Clumping cat litter did not exist until the 1940’s, before then, the only litter available was non-clumping. Since the introduction of clumping cat litter, it has gained much wider acceptance and credibility among cat owners.

What’s the noise around clumping cat litter? Why is it the best for your cat? Here are a few reasons this is the case:


Clumping cat litter are safe to use for both yourself and your cat. Finding the right clumping litter that is made from a material you are comfortable is not so hard. Some cat owners find out that the clump sticks to their cat, especially the long-haired ones. This results in an unclean appearance. Clumping cat litter is very safe to use, there are some variants of clump cat litters that can help soak in the smell that the litter should ordinarily given out by the urine of the cat.    


With non-clumping litter, cat urine and excreta mess up the whole litter box and there is a need to change the whole litter. Clumping cat litter contains the compound bentonite that traps the liquid content of the urine. The reaction makes the litter on which the urine or liquid drops to clump up. To clean the mess, there is no need to clean out the entire litter box. The clumped area can be spot cleaned and the other dry area left the way it is.


Clumped cat litter has also proven to be cat-friendly. The base material that most clumped cat litter are made of are natural and most will even cause no harm if eaten by the cat. In fact, to ensure degradability, several manufacturers use plant-based materials such as wheat or maize as the active ingredient in their clumped cat litter.


A lot of cat owners will claim that clumped cat litter is usually more expensive than its non-clumping counterpart. That is the truth and it is not up for debate. This does not in any way contravene the fact that the clumping cat litter is also economic. In the long run, you will need a lesser quantity of the clumped cat litter to keep your cat in comfort. This will even out the cost you would have incurred and give you a few bucks to save.

Now that we have seen why clump cat litter is the best for your cat and for you. What are the factors you should consider in choosing the best clumping cat litter?

Due to its commercial success, there are different brands and types of clumping cat litters on the market today. It would take a thoughtful soul searching for you to find the litter that works best for your cat. How do you go about choosing the best clumping cat litter?

What kind of litter does your cat like?

Oh, you are surprised that your cat would have a particular type of litter it likes? You shouldn’t be. Cats can like different types of cat litter based on certain factors. It is enough that you like the litter, the first step is, does your cat like it? The reason for the litter your cat like can be the result of sensitive paws, habits created during kittenhood, or simply a whim. You have to do a little check and balance to find the litter your cat likes. The moment you use a litter and your cat avoids the litter box, you should pay careful attention as this signifies that your cat doesn’t like the litter you have used.

Health consideration 

Clumping litter tend to come in fine particles and this can cause a problem if your cat is asthmatic or has has any respiratory problem. Your cat may also eat some of the fine particles that makes up the litter and you will have to call in a vet doctor. If you are particularly concerned about the dust in the litter, you can seek out clumping litters that contains less dust. You should also be interested in the ingredient that the dust is made of; check out if your cat is not allergic to the active ingredient used in making the dust.

Environmental consideration

In choosing the right clumping cat litter, one of the factors that should guide you in the choice of litter to choose from is to consider the environmental impact that comes with disposing off your cat litter. If the cat litter is made from a non-biodegradable material, then you should consider other options that are environmentally friendly and that will still serve the same purpose. If you have a garden, it makes sense for you to convert your clumping cat litters into compost instead of disposing it off.

Hygienic consideration

On the average, how many times a week do you have to clean out your cat’s litter box? If you find out that your cat accidentally pees on the floor outside of litter box, it might not be an accident. It could just be your cat demonstrating its high degree of hygiene. You should go for a clump litter that allows you clean it out in the least possible time. If you can, buy a clump litter that absorbs smells rather than mask it with scents.

Do not forget the reason why you are doing it, it is all for your cat. Give your feline counterpart premium litter, it is worth the sacrifice. Get the best clump cat litter.